On Thought: A Few Thoughts


The organized world has little patience for minds that contain thought. Thought offends. Thought is largely inconclusive, open to be revised by reality. Thought questions our boundaries, asks for opinions to be informed, demands that all good ideas pass the greater test of time. Thought belongs somewhere between past and future, yet has no place in any present.

At best, we marvel at thought when it comes cloaked in the form of celebrity. Profundity, packaged in a soundbite. We’ll take it fast and to-go. But in the day-to-day, thought is not valued except that it leads to opinion, to decision, to product. Except that it promotes haste — called by its other name (‘efficiency’) — so that the world may buy and sell and buzz and churn, distracted by the cacophony of its own desperation. Every cog running to justify why it deserves to exist in someone else’s wheel. Thought knows that no present system is perfect, because no past system has ever been. That is where thought offends the most: By knowing that nothing can be fully known.

So, buzz and churn. As far as we know, we are why the world turns. Don’t pause long enough to find out otherwise.


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