About Shih (Her)

Self-Portrait My name is Irene Shih, living a post-post-graduate life and enjoying the dichotomy of being both poor and privileged. I am a writer aspiring to be (more traditionally) published, to share my affinity for reflective essays, fiction, poetry and plays. Above all, I wish to be read for having written things worth reading.

You are welcome to contact me with professional leads and constructive feedback.

Through this blog, I hope to indulge some self-important musings and scratch the creative itch (take what you will from the imagery). My writing will inspire you to laugh, cry, throw things – and quite possibly none of the above.

Be your body ready?


15 thoughts on “About Shih (Her)

  1. I like you’re usage of “poor and privileged”. I feel I can relate. Anyways, I came across your 李安 文章 translation. I had actually read the Chinese version first before coming across your translation. I thought you translated it well. It’s an inspiring message. Hope you don’t mind but I posted it up on my blog http://www.mylast365days.com


    • Thanks! Poor but privileged really is an accurate self-description. I’m glad Ang Lee’s essay resonated with you, and thanks for crediting my blog. Feel free to peruse the rest of my blog as well!

  2. Hi Irene, enjoyed your translation quite a lot. Can you consider facebook friending me. My name is Larry Shinagawa. I have been chair of many Asian American studies programs and am currently a researcher and consultant in DC.

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