Past and Memory

Something I posted a year ago, that a friend just helped me revisit:

“‘The past’ is mostly a vague and largely unreliable (but terribly necessary) collection of subjective cognizance and memory. And when and where is memory really created? At the moment something occurs, or in the moments thereafter that you revisit its occurrence? Both? I remember when I would get drunk enough, I’d ask myself, ‘Will I remember this moment? How about this one?’ And inevitably, the moments that I specifically bookmarked the night before would be ones I could recall the morning after. But was that because the bookmarks helped me remember every moment, or that I falsely believed the moments I happened to remember were the only ones I bookmarked? One way or another, you’ve chosen your own experience. And most of the time, you choose without really being aware that a choice even exists.

But…when you revisit a memory, you often see something different than what you saw before. Something more vague, yet somehow more profound that could even become parable. This is where the choice becomes a little more conscious.

…Or I’m just waxing poetic and the real meaning behind all this is alcohol!”

– Thoughts From a 25-Year-Old Me


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