The Psychosis of Indulgence

The comments below refer to this article: Don’t Indulge. Be Happy. (New York Times)

Well, yes. But the dangers of indulging others are just as potent as the dangers of indulging oneself, as evidenced by children of wealthy parents that have every material luxury at their disposal. It’s very rare that uncurbed privilege will produce interesting or even worthwhile lives. The article talks about not indulging oneself but instead giving to others, which misses the opportunity to consider the psychosis of indulgence, period.

The key isn’t simply to give to others, but to be thoughtful and deliberate about how and what we give. And that has everything to do with what we value. I don’t need to look far beyond what you take for yourself and give others to observe how you derive meaning in life. That, to me, is far more fascinating than who you’re buying the Porsche for.


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