Fucked Up World

A friend posted this on FB today:

So yesterday I bought a sandwich for a homeless woman on San Carlos, which she politely refused. I had seen her for years, and had long been wanting to do something nice for her. Today she was murdered. What the fuck is wrong with this world?

My reply:

I’m so sorry. For every life we marginally touch, I think about the ones we don’t at all. Or worse, the ones we refuse to acknowledge. How often do I tread the sidewalks of Cambridge, averting my eyes from homeless neighbors? It’s my own hypocrisy, no buts about it.

I guess this is where I should say, “Hey man, at least you bought her a sandwich!” as if one act could make her suffering and senseless death worthwhile. It doesn’t. But I think, in whatever little way, you did do something good, and put something pure out into a pretty fucked up world. So I’m glad you shared.



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